Perhaps the tiniest tool of your lifetime, and, without any refutation, among your most useful AND most powerful.
There is nothing in the world testing weak by QRA testing that fails to get stronger when touched by FoodBoosters.
While it also works with full strength on all human organs, glands, and testable tissue, FoodBoosters are very small,
so you are recommended to use the larger EnergyVials or QVials, (and others), they are easy to place at your GV20 point.

GV20 (Governor Vessel) is located at the highest point on your head, lined up with the front of your ears, easy to find.
Place any of our vials of supercharged rare earth minerals at the GV20 point, for as little as 1/50th of a second, and voila!
EVERY one of the body's 365 long-identified meridian points is going to test stronger, or you can have an immediate refund.
Have someone gently pry the O-ring on your right hand, which is just a circle you make with thumb and any finger you wish.
If you cannot hold your pinkie and thumb in a tight "O," just go to the next finger, or even the next, OR your first (index) finger.

How much effort do they have to use to gently pry your O-ring open a little bit?     That's all!

After touching Foodbooster to the food or beverage or the container they are in, even a mug, it always tests stronger.
The Healthway Of Longevity asserts that this means more energy delivered to you, less food required to nutrify you.
A growing number of people claim their food needs declining IN THEIR FIRST WEEK of using their Foodboosters.
THERE IS A CATCH TO THIS: You must use it on everything you eat or drink. Touch the plate, glass, pan, etc.,
making sure that you use FoodBoosters reliably, so that FoodBoosters can serve YOU just as reliably.
No maintenance, no batteries, no upgrade, just don't break the bottle, so that its lasts forever.

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The Healthway Of Longevity is committed to bringing technologies and protocols and powerful information to the world in order to even the playing fields.

If you do not make better decisions with better information,
what value is there in acquiring or even developing that information in the first place?


Gently bang a piece of or plate of food 10x to imitate the stress of the digestion system, and hold the food away from your body.
Have someone test the O-ring on your free hand (the one not holding food): In every case, you are too weak to keep it closed.
Our food chain has been so profoundly defeated that more than 99% of all the foods we have tested ALWAYS test weak.
Why would anyone eat or drink something that testably, provably makes them weaker?
One to five seconds of contact with the FoodBooster, and a money-back unconditional guarantee the food tests stronger.
Why put food or drink into your body that literally makes you weak? Hold the food to your chest or throat, and test!
Now, for anything that tests weak, that means you are not going to be nutrified by it, and often react poorly to it.
Touching FoodBooster to the container of food or drink, you IMMEDIATELY get to see how different the test is.
No maybe's, no exceptions: EVERYTHING that tests weak will quickly get stronger in just a few seconds.

FoodBoosters are the gift of a lifetime that last a lifetime

You now know how to do a test more accurate than anything we know of in the medical arena, even with 1,000 M.D.'s present.
There is nothing in the annals, literature, or training of medical doctors, that includes this powerful, accurate one-second test.

Clear your brain, because people with IQ's and educations far beyond your own have worked to DISprove the power of QRA testing.
Not a one of them succeeded, resulting in the U.S. Patent Office granting Patent #5188107

          Here's the squib from Google's description of the patent:
"A method of imaging an internal organ of a patient for purposes of medical diagnosis, where a patient forms an O-ring shape with one of hands by placing the fingertips of his thumb and one of his remaining fingers together and a sample of tissue of an internal organ is placed on the patient's other hand, and the patient's internal organ is non-invasively externally probed with a probing instrument. The internal organ is the same type of organ as that of the sample. Simultaneously a tester attempts to pull apart the O-ring shape by means of the tester placing his thumb and one of the remaining fingers of each of his hands within the O-ring shape of the patient to form interlocking O-rings and pulling the thumb and the finger of the patient apart due to an electromagnetic field of the tissue of the sample interacting with an electromagnetic field of the internal organ being probed and this interaction is detected by the ability to pull apart the O-ring shape thereby permitting imaging of the boundaries of the internal organ being probed."

How much effort do they have to use to gently pry your O-ring open a little bit?     That's all!

With your left hand, hold your eyeglasses or shoes or pillow or any other item or substance against your throat or chest.
Have them test the O-ring on your right hand again. Does it open easily, or is it easy for you to resist, holding it closed?

From that original BDORT, intended for medical use, came QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis), developed by Bob Marshall, and his wife, Linda. The uses of BDORT became many more practical uses with QRA testing, and then, Dr. Cohen came along and literally technologized it, incorporating Bodyscan, Ondamed, solid-state technology from Nelson and from Dr. Cohen's own clinical research and experimentation, into a literally portable method for children and even-moderately-intelligent adults to identify underlying causes for health challenges, for identifying nutritional deficiencies and excesses, as well as dysfunctional use of identified nutrients, and so much more. At the center of it all is YOUR instant ability to test the energy level of any food, beverage, item, or substance on or near earth.

When you test a piece of food, and it tests very weak, it means that it will deliver little if any nutrition to you.
When you touch a piece of weak-testing food or drink to a FoodBooster, and it instantly tests stronger, what do YOU think it means?

The greater the energy delivered from food or beverage, the greater the energy derived from it. Perhaps the single most common benefit attributed to FoodBoosters is that most EVERYONE reporting back asserts a rapid reduction in hunger, rapid reduction in the amount of food required to be satisfied, with "more energy" being nearly an afterthought, because who is NOT going to be startled by seeing their food requirements drop quickly?

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Kindly remember to feed those who are hungrier than you by giving, at no cost to you.

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     FoodBoosters - Another Magnficent Invention From The Healthway Of Longevity - World's First FoodBoosters    

The Healthway Of Longevity holds that no human should eat gluten or dairy, we are not designed to digest them.
FoodBoosters were NOT invented to cure gluten, dairy or any other food allergies, even if FoodBoosters do help.

We ARE openly claiming that most all OTHER food allergies are emotionally based,
and can be completely erased by simply using FoodBoosters 10 seconds pr day, 21 days.
The supercharged rare earth minerals reset the body's bioenergetic and emotional fields.
The one condition is that you must test before and after using the FoodBoosters on food or beverage.
Foodboosters do not heal, cure or even treat:
They instantly, provably reset your energetic & emotional fields, and, get this, strengthen EVERYTHING that they touch.
THIS ENABLES YOUR OWN BODY TO NATURALLY ERASE THE CAUSES of you being sensitive - or allergic - to a food
Learn more at, learn at Help your body to help itself, naturally, powerfully, provably.

FoodBoosters do not heal, cure or even treat: They INSTANTLY, PROVABLY reset your energetic and emotional fields.

Learn more at or, HELP your body to help itself.
Is there ANYTHING more effective than empowering the body to do its job naturally?

    Every food and beverage (or their container) touched by the FoodBooster is guaranteed to test stronger.
    Another new self-helper from the inventors of the world's first supercharged cold lasers and much more   

FoodBoosters are another innovative, SUPER-USEFUL invention from the Healthway Of Longevity,
inventors of FoodBoosters, Torroids, SuperchargedLasers, BrainLifters, QVials, and more

Learning more has a fascinating way of causing our decisions to be better.
Living stronger for longer is unlikely to happen accidentally anymore.
Our food chain is simply too depleted of nutrients, calling for action.

The tiny dietary decisions and actions you take today have long-term results.
Use your Healthway Of Longevity, and the other useful tools that you learn of.

Remember the six most critical foods we can reguarly take into our bodies for nutrition.

Air, water, air-dried sea salt, never-heated oils, bulk or fiber, and beneficial bacteria.
These are primary secrets of longevity, of living stronger for longer, naturally, happily.

FoodBoosters - The gift of a lifetime that lasts a lifetime